How to clone individual partitions from one drive to another

This is more a reminder for me, but this is something I always have to search for.

How to clone several partitions from one drive to another without cloding the whole drive using dd.

In this example source = sdb and dest = sdd

# Clone partition 1 from sdb to sdd and copy the boot sector
sudo dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=/dev/sdd1 bs=4096 conv=notrunc,noerror
sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdd bs=446 count=1

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Ubuntu on HP V6000 (V6032EA)

I just purchased a new laptop, a HP V6032EA and came across quite a few issues while setting it up.

To install from Live CD
The Live Cd will lock up without some intervention.
Put in the live CD and when prompted for a boot option, press F6. Add the kernel option "noapic" and boot.

You will need to enter this option once the install is finished
On the boot menu, press "e", move down to the line that starts "kernel" and press "e" again. Appent the line with the "noapic" option. We will make this more permanent later

Getting the wireless working

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Open Source Robotics Studio... Anyone?

There is a new(ish) product available called Microsoft Robotics Studio, which is an excellent product. It makes controlling commodity robots very easy, and makes the entry into robotics very easy. I am not going to dwell on how good Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS) is, as this has been blogged about by many people. What I am going to do it stick my finger in the air and guage the wind.

I have been designing various interfaces for my robots for a while, and each new interface incorporates more features and better modularity. Well, it got me thinking about creating a coherent modular well documented, and most importantly of all, open sourced robotics studio.

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Software and Scripts

Here is some of software and scripts I have used.

Remote Control and remote desktop tools

Dameware Remote Control this is the most useful tool I have come accros as a sysadmin.

This Tool lets you connect to a remote computer very quickly and easily. No need for remote desktop top be enabled on the remote machine. Dameware uses its own protocol to connect to the remote host.

Dameware quick tips

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