Openservo board v2.1b

Openservo v2.1 Eagle PCB Designs

This is the site for the "Official*" OpenServo Eagle boards, as well as the tracker for unofficial boards.

See v2.0 for older designs

* official meaning version of board that is exactly the same as the project main ExpressPCB format.
no guarantees these boards will work. go to

Here are the matured designs for the openservo 2.1b driver board using the Atmega8/168
There is also a design with a 2x4 pin header, to make programming easier.

Check Openservo for CVS

Official Openservo v2.1

These are the eagle designs for the OpenServo 2.1. Design reinterpreted for Eagle, and for European parts availability.

Official Openservo v2.1 2x4

This is the same as above, but with the edge connector replaced with a 2x4 header.
This makes for easier programming.

Modified Official Board (.brd)
Modified Official Schematic (.sch)

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