OpenServo motion Profile Editor

Motion Profile commander for OpenServo:-

As an active member and admin of I have to create a lot of tools and utilities to experiment with the OpenServo platform.

Recently Mike Thompson, and myself embarked on creating complex hermite curve motion profile following for the OpenServo. You pass the curve parameters to the servo, and it will follow precisely.

I have created a motion profile editor that is suitable for testing this curve functionality.

It is written in QT and is completely cross platform.

Completed application for Windows/Linux

The application will output the registers that are needed to send to the OpenServo.Direct communication with the OpenServo is implemented with the USB to I2C bridge
Download the win32 application from here
OpenServo utilities
Source code is available in the OpenServo CVS repository.

Any bugs problems report to the OpenServo forum or alternatively email Barry.Carter{at}

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