RoboFUZZ power bus board

Power driver board for roboFUZZ robotic arm

This regulator board takes 12V+ source and regulates it to 2x5V outputs.

The two 5V outputs are smoothed, and isolated to make sure the high current side doesn't interfere with the MCU.

The standard +5V source (source 1) can supply up to 5A peak. This is enough for the MCU circuitry of the application.

The second output is a 20A peak output, although the board would fry at near 15A. This can be used to power the motors on the application.

The board also has an I2C interfaces controller chip. This controller monitors the current usage, and also checks the temperature of the large power transistors.

This is essentually a large linear regulator. The large Power amp MOSFET's are used as current followers on the linear regulators output.

This is not efficient, if you want efficiency use a switched mode PSU.

The interface to the controller chip is very simplistic:-

Register address
Read only
0x00 = Device Class
0x01 = Device Subclass
0x05 = power_1_hi - Measured current
0x06 = Power_1_low
0x07 = Power_2_hi - Measured current (high power stage)
0x08 = Power_2_lo
0x09 = Temp_1_hi
0x10 = Temp_1_lo
0x11 = Temp_1_hi
0x12 = Temp_1_lo
0x14 = Output State

0x15 = Power_1_max_hi
0x16 = Power_1_max_lo
0x17 = Power_2_max_hi
0x18 = Power_2_max_lo
0x20 = Temp_1_max_hi
0x21 = Temp_1_max_lo
0x22 = Temp_2_max_hi
0x23 = Temp_2_max_lo

0x30 Save values to EEPROM


PCB Both sides



PCB Bottom

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