Self cleaning kitchen

Lets admit it guys and girls... we don't really enjoy cleaning the kitchen. It's dirty, smelly, and make your hands wrinkle up.

I think I have the ultimate solution, and I thought of it while I was in the car wash.
Those Car wash machines have three giant rollers, one for each side of the car, which spin at high velocity and clean the bird crap away. It got me thinking... why can't I do that on my kitchen surfaces. The idea was formed.

You clear everything away from you work surfaces. Press a button and sit back. A roller will come from the top of a cupboard, and start spinning. It will roll gently across all of the worksurfaces cleaning as it goes.

The kitchen work surfaces would have to have a hidden track embedded into it. This doesn't have to be visible, it could be embedded under the lip of the work surface.

A mechanism would have to be fitted to the top of a cupboard (the ones under the work surface) so that when activated, would come out from the cupboard, manoeuvre itself over the surface, and then be on it's way.

The spinning brush would have to be almost entirely covered (who wants water on the ceiling? Not me) and some sort of sponge would have to be arranged to mop up excess water. Once the roller has cleaned the surface, it will lift up, and travel back to it's housing.

There would have to be sensors on the front to stop for obstacles, otherwise you would have a knife being hurled at you at 300mph. Not nice.

Other technical issues aside, I believe this is only %70 crackpottery. Why wouldn't it work?

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Sounds cool

Interesting idea. Sounds too dangerous though

self cleaning

Jim you must be some sort of paper hat what planet are you on

Ambrose Bumfelt. DSO, ATA and bar.


Sounds great, but, who will

Sounds great, but, who will clean the robot? :D I imagine it would get very dirty and always be a task to clean. As long as you don’t make a mess in the first place I find kitchen are quite easy to keep clean.. Just use those anti-bacterial wipes you can wipes the surface with and then dispose off, simple.
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I've always wondered how a

I've always wondered how a sefl cleaning stove works i thought those were pretty cool but after i cooked up a batch of cookies that didn't go so well i dont think that feature is going to clean the stove time for rubber gloves and a scrubber or i'll need to buy some whirlpool parts if it breaks.