Getting a dual header into breadboard by abusing breadboard

Have you ever tried to use one of these    with one of these?  . Well you can't


But I really needed to, because I am quite lazy and didn't want to solder a load of wires onto a breadboard. It just so happens I have loads of these little breadboards, so one was going to be sacrificed.


The plan is simple. Pull those little pin strips out from inside of the breadboard and cut them into two.


1) Peel the back layer off and start to remove the pins


2)Take the pins out


3)put somethign into the pins to brace them, then cut them in two


4) Trim the edges and put them back in. Check they don't touch


5) Repeat. Put them all back in and wince at the horror of what just happened. Pray you never need to do this again. Until the next time.


My eyes are still bleeding from this.


it works though

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