Ten Observations for Star Fleet Captains (based on a back to back perusal of Star Trek: Voyager)

1. When in a battle situation/stuck in a spatial anomaly, the first thing to go offline will always be the warp engines, closely followed by the impulse ones and about half the time the thrusters too.

2. A tachyon pulse/burst/stream is the answer to pretty much everything from scanning for aliens to breaking free from spatial anomalies.

3. If someone is about die/seriously injured or in mortal danger on the planet’s surface, there will always be interference and the transporters won’t work.

4. The holodeck will cause lots and lots of death.

5. The shields will only ever hold for roughly 4 shots from the enemy. BOOM! “Shields at 84%” BOOM! “Shields at 60%” BOOM! “Shields at 23%” BOOM! “We’re fucked”.

6. Consoles will explode in a shower of deadly sparks with alarming regularity.

7. No matter how menial the task, a bridge officer will be sent to perform it.

8. Transporter chiefs should take a book to work as most of the transports will be controlled from the bridge.

9. No one, not even the Captain, can override the lockout codes created by the invading aliens/possessed crew member or general mad person.

10. 99% of crew members will have their DNA mutated/changed or stolen at some point.