The Musings of a Sleep Talking Baz

As some of you may know, Baz is a natural born sleep talker (and occasional sleep walker). You've probably heard how when we first got together he'd sit in bed staring at me, telling me "It wasn't going to work" or the time I found him searching under the bed "looking for the Foo Fighters".

So inspired by I decided it's about time I kept a record too.

15th Jan 2010

"We're not really dedicated. We're like the filthy offspring. We're Mongoloid"

"Poo on his hands"

"Get your finger out his arse then"

"You look like your scary ad now"

18th Jan 2010

"Maybe Captain Smurf did have three petals on his hat, maybe"

20th Jan 2010

"Is it weird?....No....I assume"

28th Jan 2010

"Pastel set path"

3rd Feb 2010

"We could bench press one thousand and get paid for everyone. Sweet"

11th Feb 2010

"Bastard. It appears we've been tricked by the Apple Gate"

14th Feb 2010

"Time is free? Ya gotta be kidding me. It's not like yank noodle anymore"

18th Feb 2010

"Bleugh! I don't like these cigs. The weird patterns create core thick stuff"

26th March 2010

"The Devil wears a hat and rides a horse and he can pick people up with his mouth and make them poo. Once he thought of water and he pooed himself."

"I'm taking honey - yea!"

"Yes no yes no yes yes yes no dot dot dot the end"

18th April 2010

"Shit, I'm stuck. It's you I fancy but I can't do owt"

6th May 2010

"Watcha gonna do with all these spare legs?"

16th October 2010

"You're a shitty pants"

17th February 2011

"I'd like to thank you personally"

19th May 2011

"Crispy rice sinker"

"They have lots of mass and lots of therapy"

7th June 2011

"Cos our region's got channel one you gotta pay half the rent. Ya grill, yeah?"

22nd July 2011

"Mmm exactly. I was going to give you a cuddle but you're gonna have to take a ticket for a hug now."

29th Aug 2011

"The hideaway's at fourteen degrees, between the normal venue and the wonky venue"

18th Oct 2011
"You are insane! You've got some big hairy ones."

5th Nov 2012
"I don't understand anything. I'm gonna sit down until someone makes sense."

6th Nov 2012
"The funniest weekend was when I rented Deuce Bigalow."

4th Jan 2013
"And why shouldn't they? They've not got it Mad Men with a weird moustache style; they've got it Gangnam style."