Royal Mail Suck

5:28pm just got in from work a bit early. Got the card through the door... "Sorry, you were out"... So Royal mail came with a parcel. Cool. I wonder what it is.

Collection times:
Mon-Fri 0900 - 1700

Um, really? I just called them to make sure it wasn't a really really dumb typo. Nope, it isn't. I can only collect the parcel between the times that 99% of the poopulation are working. Smooth.

I have 7 days to collect it before they send it back. Nice of them.

Okay, now remember I have no idea who this is from? Well, they can't tell me. Data protection. That has to be the worst excuse I ever heard. I have a card they they posted through my door. Of course it is me. You think a burglar is going to go to the trouble of ringing up the post office on the off chance that the parcel wasn't something mundane? No.

So now I am in the tricky situation where I can't collect the parcel, can't arrange for it to be collected by anyone else (no one I know lives here), and I can't have it sent elsewhere without telling the sender. But they won't tell me who the sender is.

This has to be entirely the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

According to Royal Mail, the most reliable way to make sure theat this doesn't happen is if I have no job and I am available. ? ok.

You get the idea. I am annoyed, they are stupid, and I still have no idea what it is I am supposed to collect from the post office that is only open for 12.2 minutes a day, and only on the full moon of every 3rd leap nanosecond and only when the sky is green.


royal mail cont/d

tell me about them.........

our office strike if rain falls....stick cards through doors without ringing/knocking.

state on the card "packet" when it is a 2ft by 4ft by 2ft box and you collect it via m/cycle when the car is busted.

and you luck our hours are 7-13 mon to fro and 7-11 saturday...........god i hate them.......