Mr Daniel's XBox Cake

xbox's have more in common with mr kiplins than they do an x86. baked to perfection

1x XBox (preferably one of those e74 ones)
1x Screwdriver
1x Box of plasters (for the inevitible blood)
1x Oven (preheat at gas mark 4 30 mins)

It's a common misconception that an xbox is a is infact a type of cake...and although you can play with the dough first and savour it, you will infact need to bake your xbox to get the most out of it....gas mark 4 for 30minutes until the xbox is piping hot all the way though and the 2 fully cooked decoration lights come on, leave to cool for 40minutes until devouring the gaming goodness.

(The cake is a lie)

Thanks to Mr Rothery for this too close to the truth effort.