I Hate Going To The Cinema

I have frequented the cinema quite a few times recently and it's reminded me of how much I fucking hate it. Don't get me wrong, I love the experience of watching films on the big screen, but the rest of the experience is bloody awful.

Let's start with the price. It's robbery in any light, day or otherwise. I also despise people kicking the back of my chair, accidental or otherwise. They is no redemption for these people they are going straight to hell.

Then there's people arriving late. It niggles me we people arrive when the previews are showing but arriving after the film has started really pisses me off. There should be a row of really uncomfortable stools by the door where these people have to sit. As the film started last night 2 girls came in, stood in the isle next to me, blocking my view of the left side of the screen, pondering where to sit like it was a difficult algebra equation. These annoying latecomers shouldn't be allowed the disrupt the film for those of us who have the decency to arrive on time.

Also at last night's showing the man (we shall call him Total Bellend) sitting next to my boyfriend was talking on his phone!!! Yes I feel strong enough to use 3 exclamation marks. How's rude can one person be? Luckily Total Bellend hung up before the film properly started otherwise I may have been typing this from prison. He also took up more leg room than Andre the Giant would have needed.

So if you went to see Wolverine last night, sat roughly in the middle on the right, talked on your phone and took up too much leg room - You Sir, are a complete wanker, a discredit to your parents and everybody hates you. Google 'manners' you may be surprised.


Those are usually the

Those are usually the negative reviews if you want to go to the cinema. This is why I bought a huge flat screen so that I would no longer go to the cinema. Likewise, I'm also excited for the upcoming reality shows. Evidently, Discovery is going to be shelling out $1 million per episode for theSarah Palin reality show - no word on whether she'll be staying on FOX News - which is great for her. I do not know how it can be called "reality" - any person who doesn't believe in dinosaurs naturally is not in touch with reality. Besides, she complains constantly about the "media" - ignoring the fact that she willingly became a public figure, thus making herself a target, and thus bearing the responsibility for whatever came out herself.