It's How I Was Raised...(What as an idiot?)

It's how I was raised...a little phrase encompassing a notion used almost as much as religion as a thinly veiled explanation of prejudicial views.

My mum wore ridiculously high heels all through my childhood. She's suffering for it now. I told her she would. I wear sensible M&S shoes and my feet are just fine. I don't try and stuff my essentially rombus ended feet into triangular ended shoes because quite frankly it's ridiculous. My Dad smoked 80 a day for most of his life and now wheezes and coughs to pass the time.

Great parent eh? Well Yes. Aside from the shoes and a sometimes dodgy dress sense my mother taught me to regard people of all colours, sexes and sexualities equally. Aside from the smoking by father taught me the importance of learning, of questioning and understanding.

This is why the comments of Miss California, Carrie Prejean, have annoyed me. It's not the fact that her views are wrong (though I think everyone should have the right to be legally attached to whoever they like as long all parties there are over 16 and human). It's the 'that's how I was raised' that pisses me off. Talk about passing the buck! If you want to be prejudice Miss Prejean, go on, we like free speech on the interwebs, knock yourself out, why not have a go at Black Disabled Jews? But at least have the balls to claim the views as your own, don't pass the buck to your parents.

'I'm a 80 a day smoking, wearer of crippling shoes, but that's how I was raised' NOT.

Anyone with half a brain doesn't grow up exactly like their parents because not everything our parents do is right. I have chosen to copy some of the views and traits of my parents that I think are right. I, me, my opinion.

I have my opinions and I have the balls to claim them as my own.