God damn crappy software

As a developer I know that software crashes occasionally. I accept these things and move on. Some things, though, are just too god damn annoying to let it pass without rage.

Here is a list of software that has ruined my life this week

Firefox 3.0.4 on Linux:

  • Crashing randomly, even when backgrounded.
  • Can't open many pages that I could before without javascrit errors.
  • Gmail, google search and google images are all now defaulted to plain old HTML
  • flash has stopped working, both free and non-free.
  • Java makes firefox hang, and needs -9 killing
    This is a really annoying problem, and one that I am considering fixing by throwing the POS that is firefox into the bin forever

Firefox 3.0.5 on Windows XP

  • Crashes on startup... on a brand new machine. yes new, as in out of a box this morning.
  • Even the crash reporter crashes trying to send :/
  • Safe mode doesn't work

KDE4 - upgraded to 4.1 from 3.5.x... Not sure where to start here...
[EDIT] Some of those bugs are fixed in 4.2 Go KDE Team!
I will start with KDE 4 plasma desktop first. (let me just say it looks pretty and works kinda nice)

  • The taskbar is horribly broken in more ways than I can explain. Flickery text, corrupt background images, incorrectly scaled icons...
  • The new (and truly disgusting) menu takes a good 30 seconds to show, while loading it has a corrupted graphics look. Not too good.
  • plasmoids randomly vanish from the desktop... not a biggy, they are next to useless for now anyway (although kudos for the desktop folder plasmoid, excellent way to get rid of those damn icons)
  • The clock freezes, luring me into a false sense of security of timescales. I got bitten by that one badly (meh, who needs sleep anyway)
  • krunner (quickrun) is nice, but too slow. If I type the appname and press return before it has finished even loading the pretty graphics, I get some odd apps, or just a crash.
  • General gripes about taskbar grouping etc that should be fixed in 4.2
  • ... and many more

And now for the many apps that went to 4.1

Kate text editor: What are you thinking? ARGGGGH! This is the most broken annoying thing I ever used. I mean seriously, who signed off this one?

  • Search box is now integrated into the katepart window, meaning you get a nice integrated search instead of a popup box. Nice eh? Well I thought so until it resized the window. It pushed the window of of my current visible view, meaning I could not see the text or resize the app. ???

    This means that if you have kate open with a split pane, and you want to search, it will resize your panes, yes all of them. WTF?
    If you search in one search box, the search settings are not remembered into the next. I often do a search on one pane, and then switch to another.

    Nothing, ever, never ever, not one time, should rescale the panes or application. If anyone decides that resizing a window is a good idea, you are a moron.


  • Crashes randomly? It's just a calculator!

Otherwise, good stuff. Making progress. I logged all these bugs in the respective trackers

Visual Studio 2008 pro: THis has broken 4 times in 2 days. Why? who knows.

  • Could not compile because CTDEV.EXE failed
  • could not compile because csc.exe was not found
  • could not compile because .net libs were not building.
  • could not compile because the buggy shite UI kept crashing randomly.

Although a reinstall of .net repaired the issue, it kept resurfacing. The machine in question is having it's second reinstall.