The Manchester Congestion Charge - My 5 Quid’s Worth

Well everyone else has had a whinge. Now its my turn.

So, if we vote yes, we'll get £3 billion pound investment, more trams, more buses, better service and we'll live in a utopian public transport paradise - will we balls! GM Transport managed to spend £250,000 installing a bus stop in Eccles, yes a, one, singular. At that rate we'll get fuck all. If we do vote yes, I predict at least half of the money will go on red tape and senior management bounses.

I get to work by bus and I am voting no. There's just some annoying things about bus travel that the plan doesn't cover like, how to stop people being fucking idiots and gathering around the door at the front of the bus when there are loads of seats and making it difficult for everyone to get off. Or how to stop people which colds and germs coughing and spluttering all over you. Another thing - smelly people - I'd be more inclined to vote yes if the unwashed weren't allowed on.

The size of the zone is ridiculous. London is roughly 20 miles. The proposed Manchester one 60 miles. 60! 60 miles! and the inner ring is ridiculous too. We were led to believe that it was round the city centre, whoever thinks half of Fallowfield and Rusholme are the centre of Manchester are clearly mistaken!

At least as a citizen of Manchester I have had the chance to vote. I feel sorry for the people of Warrington, Liverpool, Halifax, St Helens, Leeds etc who have to come to Manchester to work. It's the way of the world now that businesses are concentrated into big cities, people can't afford the house prices and cost of living to all live in the cities so communting is the only option. On the whole for these people public transport is just not a viable option. As my other half once put it, these people aren't on the roads to be annoying - they are merely trying to get to work.

The thing that pisses me off most about the proposed charge is it feels almost like a ransom 'You can have all this fabulous shiny stuff IF you vote yes. If you vote no, you can all die in a vat of your own car fumes and we'll never speak to you again' This is democracy at it's worst. Yes it's great there is a vote but I fear that if TIF don't get their way they will treat us like the disgruntled girlfriend we've just told actually does look a little fat in that dress.

Another thing, the proposed charge are at 2007 rates (lets hear it for small print!) I know inflation rates are currently low but if taking an average, back of the envelope calculations tells me that will be £7.65 in 2013!

I've whinged myself out now and as I have voted it's my right to. So people of Manchester make sure you do vote, make your voice heard! It's quite simple, you've 2 options. No or Wrong