The Untapped (and Open) Source of Great Men

It seems to me there's lots of women outthere trying to find the perfect man and whinging because he does not exist. I can't help but think these women are looking in the wrong places. So I am here to promote and stand up for the greatest untapped source of good men - geeks.

As lots of you know I have my geek. I love him very much and I don't think anyone could have made me happier. I've never really understood why women are attracted to 'bad boys'. For some women it seems sexy = acting like a knob, not for me. I like nice men.

So why geeks? Well first and foremost they'll be so grateful you've taken an interest that they will treat you like a queen. If he says he'll call at 8, he'll call at 8. Afterall it's in his PDA with an alarm reminder.

Another good thing is geeks are themselves, there's no pretence. They've battled the bullies and the snide comments for years and still they carry on coding and reading their comics. They are who they are and proud. Also nothing can embarrass them. They are happy to nip to the shop for you at 9pm for a packet of tampax and a bar of galaxy (they know all about the menstrual cycle after googling it).

Geeks never come in smelling of beer and piss at 3am, wreck the house and wake the neighbourhood whilst 'quietly' going to bed. No they come to bed at 3am smelling vaguely of solder after a really productive online conference in a Linux chatroom, get undressed in the hall so to not wake you up and then maybe lovingly stare at you as you sleep, still not believing they have a girlfriend.

Also ladies, geeks are geeks for a reason. Usually because they are incredibly smart. There's nothing greater than a man who you can have an intelligent conversation with. This has another bonus. Geeks usually put their brains to good use and end up rich.

So if you're on the lookout for a new fella, I'd say go and hang around the IT department.



I love this article! Tell Lucy how much I enjoyed it and I sent it to my wife for amusement.