Damson Headbones hack to reduce BT dropouts

Damson Headbones hack to reduce Bluetooth dropouts... (Completely?)

I got these great headphones (headbones) from Damsom Audio via KickStarter. They are great, I can hear everything... bone conduction technology is awesome.

Damson Headbones

Sadly when my phone is positioned in my front pocket, and I am wandering out and about, the signal drops out. lots.

All is not lost! Let's hack together.

In the kickstarter comments, the creator, James, posited that the aerial touching the plastic case was te cause of this bluetooth rebellion. The recommendation for daring hackers was to put a shim in to stop this.


Step 1, Remove the screws


  1. Remove the sports band from the arms
  2. Carefully peel back the label on the rear. You only need to do this at the ends. See image. You might want to be more careful than I was.
  3. Remove the screws with a small philips head. Be careful now as the case will pop open unless you hold it carefully
  4. Slowly and carefully open the case. It should just fall open.
  5. These were the wonders when I opened the case. My aerial, which is the capsule at the top was flopping around. The battery had become detached too. Yikes.
  6. Carefully peel downwards with the headbones in the position above

Step 2, The seal

No, not marine animals or even a singer. We are talking the water proofing the headbones has to keep my grimy head sweat out.

The seal of these is a little runner strip running the length. It enters the case for termination just underneath the wire on the aerial. On my bones, this rubber was really quite long, coiled under the wire pushing it outwards.


The rubber pushes the aerial wire!


Hack and slash. Required tools, scicssors.

  1. Remove the aerial cylinder carefully, exposing the rubber seal entry point.
  2. Get some scissors and cut a reasonable excess off the end.
  3. As you can see I hacked about a screws worth off the end of the rubber and still left a healthy amount.
  4. Pop the aerial back in.


Step 3, Glue

  1. Put the aerial back into the cradle if it has fallen out.
  2. pop a tiny dab of superglue over the can end where it sits int he plastic
  3. pop the aerial into its groove and set it well. glue this lightly.

Step 4, Shimmy

This is the easy bit. We need to make a high tech shim to stop the end of the aerial touching the plastic case.

Tools required: just about anything sensible. I used paper

The technology here is amazingly awesome.

  1. Cut some paper to about 6mm long, 4mm wide.
  2. fold it down the middle.
  3. fold it lengthways making a cradle of sorts.
  4. This should sit over the aerial carefully.
  5. REALLY CAREFULLY put the case back on. look through the gap to make sure the shim isn't moved
  6. If you are not careful, the aerial deflects when the plastic clip comes down. Make sure the case cover comes down nice and straight. Dont bent that wire.
  7. Insert screws
  8. Rejoice in drop free sound.


And then?

There is no and then. I might have a go at hacking this little beasty in the future. I'm tempted to reposition the aerial below the battery.