GPS Hack

Pretec compactGPS serial modification

  Below is a description of how to modify the compactGPS 
  to work with a standard serial port.
  This mod will allow you to use the device using your PDA 
  serial port, a PC serial port, and a PDA/GPS car kit. 

This device is a compact flash adapter for GPS If you are a walker or hiker, you should look at this device. It is very accurate, and has a very low data acquisition time.

This worked fantastically for me for 2 years, until I discovered TomTom. I purchased tomtom and installed it. This also worked fantastically. I could plug in the receiver, and get a location of my car!
The only problem I had was that I didn't have enough memory in the PDA to accomodate large maps. I was stuck with very small maps. The problem is that the GPS receiver uses the Compact flash port... The same port I need for a memory card upgrade

This became very annoying, and I went to work...

First I disassembled the GPS device (it was out of warranty) What I saw inside was a small device, and 5 wires connecting it to a compact flash card.

My first thought... only five wires? I could put an extension on that, make the GPS part separate. This would at least solve the problem of having to hold the PDA at silly angles the whole time. It could be placed anywhere... on the dash, or atop a rucksack.

So I went to it. This also worked fine. But still the problem of the small maps.

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