pogo sticks.

Ambrose Bumfelt

Can I say this is my first posting to this site, I have had a good look round and I like what I find.

My idea has been on my mind for a long time and I have worked out most of the problems.

So ladies and gentleman I toss this idea to you all.

We take the princables of the pogo stick what does it do nothing but bounce, o/k we all know that, whats new.

Suppose that we have a single cylinder diesel engine mounted inside the central pole, the control of the engine is not major problem as I said earlier.

We also know that a diesle engine is reliant on compression to cause combustion.

you still with me, lets say once combustion has ac cured the central plunger which is connected to the con rod via a spring arrangement,(I have worked out the basics it needs refining} produces considerable force I refer to the excellent book by Louis Toft, M.Sc. The Theory Of Machines I Quote Limiting Dimensions for no Interference.

I will give you his ideas as I think they are relevant.

Let x1 =addendum of tooth on wheel1
then,if o is the centre of wheel x1 must equa op=r- .002.
By a property of the triangle OPR {r1+x1}+cos squared=X=sin =22 over seven with 1x,plus the derivative(cos -ix29 x).

It seems a lot to get your head round it could work.

Look forward to many Ideas its out there

Regards Ambrose Bumfelt DSO, KBC, and bar