Robot Servo Controller

Here are schematics and a PCB for the driver of the large servos on my Robot Arm.

These larger motors are powered by an L6203 MOSFET H-Bridge. The whole operation is controlled by an OpenServo MCU with a couple of software alterations for the LED's and h-bridge enable. There is also another A/D line used for H-Bridge current sense as well as a current sense chip.

There are 5 connectors on the left of the schematic, these are all linked together providing a I2C tap. The wiring configuration is the same as the OpenServo. There is even a small openservo edge connector on the board.

Output is provided by a heavy duty MTA clic block. Potentiometer inputs are also on this connector.

JP1 remove pin for programming
JP2 Place pin to enable H-Bridge all the time. REMOVE JP3
JP3 Place to let the MCU handle control of the H-Bridge. REMOVE JP2

The DIP switch bank is only used when the large edge connector is used on the bus board.

DIP Configuration:
1+2 On 3+4 Off I2C bus 1 selected
1+2 Off 3+4 On I2C bus 2 selected

5+6+7 On program OpenServo MCU


PCB Both sides



PCB Bottom

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